Recruitment Edit

This page will contain all about recruitments on the server. In order to make this Guild more strategic than other Guilds. We all will participate when it comes to recruits.

Appreciate if you'd keep this page as secretly as possible.

[ Information ]Edit

Breefly descripe some information about this player.Edit

  • Real name (Optional).
  • Character Name
  • Country & Languages (Where do you/he come from and which languages do you/he speak).
  • Vocation and Rebirth
  • Play Time & Experience
  • Activity (Which days and how long can you/he enter the game ?).
  • What can you/he offer?
  • Information (Breefly describe some information about you ingame).
  • Other information (If there's something else you/he want to share, share it).

What will happend after you/he shared the information .?Edit

Even though me and Sparwen might have the main leader rank. You all (Vice-leader or Member) will still have a vote.

I personally lean towards try-outs. Mainly because I dont want to share to much information. And I deffinetly don't want players that just take advantages. I actually refer a low rebirth over a high rebirth that just takes advantages. I was in a guild some years ago who invited low rebirth's to the guild and helped them advanced. If the current guild options would exist back then, I'm sure we'd won 8/10 times in the guild war. 

This is also why I dont have any requirement on this page. Atleast for now. That will come later but it wont include any "gear" equipment or required rebirth.