Trailer for Edit

I'm planning to make an hardcore Trailer for Which will basically work as an advertise to the server to get more players.

The question now, how many how you are willing to help me? REPLY!

Why should I participate. Is there any reward?Edit

You're not forced to join. Just an generel question. I haven't talked to Admin or CM yet about this. But whatever managed to advertise the server, usually rewards the player. An old friend used twitch while playing and got rewarded with a full Rich Set along with an Ultimate Manarune. Since I will most likely get the points, I will still share it among the players.

What can I do to help ?Edit

If you could record while playing the server. Basically do anything. Chating, hunting, participating in Events, entering wars. Everything helps. I will then edit the video and make it suitable for a really cool trailer. Even some cool screenshots helps.

The Trailer would be even better if you could use the Ctrl + N function to hide your name. But is not necessary. I will include all the names and everyone will share the reward !