Demostar Edit

This is currently the best hunting spawn. And since it's the best, we just have to enter it.

I can edit this page anytime. But for now, I just need players to tell me when they can participate. (Check below).

Requirements Edit

Try to be online the "days and time" you apply with. The requirements ain't that hard.

  • Rebirth 1220. You simply cannot enter the spawn without it.
  • Bring some experience eggs.
  • Donate UH (optional)
  • Listen to the leaders in your group.
  • Admin SD. Ultimate SD works too but not any SD below. (This will be your main attack).
  • Full rich set ( VIP Helmet works too since it will boost your damage with SD)
  • Magic walls. Druids have to bring Wild Growth Runes.
  • The Task in Demostar. (This is not a most but it will help you advance).
  • MDC. (Atleast 4MDC each run. Mainly because it cost 4 MDC to enter).
  • Crystal Base food.

[Which] Days / Times / hours.Edit

This is a work in progress. Even though I may not be able to enter everyday, I will still include other days when another team enters.

  • Monday. Time: N/A
  • Tuesday. Time: N/A
  • Wednesday. Time: N/A
  • Thursday. Time: N/A
  • Friday. Time: N/A
  • Saturday. Time: N/A
  • Sunday. Time: N/A

How do I apply / participate ?Edit

Simply include..

  • Character name
  • Days and Time
  • Rebirth & Vocation

Groups (?).Edit

We will for now just sort the groups when we managed to enter. But in the future I will make groups. Since the exp among 10 players are low, we will work on getting atleast 2 groups and hopefully we can split the groups into smaller groups for more experience among the players.

But the main priority is to get atleast:

  • 1 Tank in each group. (Knight).
  • 1 Druid in each group for the NOVA SIO spell.
  • A player (any vocation) who can use rich sword on the tank to avoid the monsters to become invisible. And also be able to heal him with a UH or Manarune.